An Understanding of Focus Using TAIS

What’s Running Through Your Head?   An Understanding of Focus   Pounding.  Constant movement.  No, these aren’t your feet talking and it isn’t your heart either. The blood being pumped through your circulatory system and the bones in your feet place a distant second and third in a race with an opponent that doesn’t wear […]

World Champions and Olympic Medal Winners

Building A Psychological Profile of Olympic Medalists and World Champions Robert M. Nideffer, Ph.D., Jeffrey Bond, Alberto Cei, and Umberto Manili Kevin Curran a first time finalist at Wimbledon a few years ago was being interviewed by a television commentator. The commentator asked Curran why it had taken someone with his talent, so many years […]

TAIS Application in Corporate Settings

Leadership Development and Performance Coaching Winning Mind Leadership Programs prioritize focus, confidence, commitment and adaptability in high-pressure settings. Our systematic assessment of individual and team attentional and interpersonal characteristics help identify developmental targets. Winning Mind Performance Coaching provides the insight and support necessary to take performance to the next level. Building High Performance Teams Team […]