Sample TAIS Sport Reports

For TAIS users working in sport settings, the following three reports are automatically generated and emailed to the address you designate with your password:

Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) Report:  Click Here to view

TAIS Scale Report: Click Here to view

TAIS Basic Scale Report: Click Here to view

About The Reports

Athlete’s Mental Edge (AME) is an interactive report that pinpoints athletes’ most likely mental mistakes, offers suggestions for improving performance, and allows athletes to compare their profile scores to those of world class athletes in a number of sports.  AME is an excellent resource for teaching athletes how to understand focus, control emotions, deal with pressure, and build mental toughness.  AME scores are based on TAIS profile data and AME is best viewed in an online format, although there are print options available.  For more information on AME, please CLICK HERE.

The TAIS Scale Report and TAIS Basic Scale Report are used mostly for interpretive purposes.  TAIS users review either or both of these one-page reports and use TAIS data to prepare feedback and recommendations for coaching athletes, for teambuilding, or for selection and screening of potential draft picks or new team members.

Additional Resources

Click Here to learn about Supervisory Coaching, a service offered to new TAIS users who want tutoring in TAIS interpretation while they become familiar with TAIS inventory.

For more information on TAIS test, please contact us at

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