TAIS Application in Corporate Settings

Leadership Development and Performance Coaching Winning Mind Leadership Programs prioritize focus, confidence, commitment and adaptability in high-pressure settings. Our systematic assessment of individual and team attentional and interpersonal characteristics help identify developmental targets. Winning Mind Performance Coaching provides the insight and support necessary to take performance to the next level. Building High Performance Teams Team […]

Interview: TAIS with CIOs

Building high-performance teams: An Interview with Marc Sagal of Winning Mind, LLC by Mary Ann Fitzharris Takeaway: Until you’ve taken a good, hard look at the psychological makeup of your staff, you probably won’t be able to maximize the different skills they bring to the table. At least that’s what Marc Sagal thinks, and he’s got some […]

Developing High Performance Managers using TAIS

Developing High-Performance Managers The Problem: In high-pressure environments, success is more a matter of finely tuned psychological skills than of well developed technical skills. Both are important, but technical ability alone will never cut it. Psychological skills typically develop with time and experience (often defined as maturity). Putting young and relatively inexperienced performers into high-pressure […]

Executive Selection and Screening using TAIS

3 Factors Define Success on the Job Success or failure on the job is determined by three factors: 1.Skills and Abilities 2.Motivation and Desire 3.Goodness of Fit Between Job Demands and Employee Psychological Characteristics Most employee selection programs focus on required skills and motivation (and do a good job evaluating these factors). However, many job […]